African Union

After Tarnished Election, Opposition Figure Becomes Congo’s President (Thu, 24 Jan 2019)
Felix Tshisekedi is thought to have lost to another opposition leader, Martin Fayulu, but the U.S. and others have accepted the outcome in the name of stability.
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Congo Court Affirms Results of Contested Presidential Election (Sat, 19 Jan 2019)
The court backed an electoral commission’s result showing that the opposition candidate Félix Tshisekedi was the winner, rejecting a challenge from the runner-up.
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Congo’s Almost Free Election (Fri, 11 Jan 2019)
The Congolese can rightly celebrate Joseph Kabila’s departure. But the disputed election to replace him has left the country on edge.
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The Trouble With South Sudan’s New Peace Deal (Mon, 24 Sep 2018)
The agreement will divide the country into a collection of tribes and disenfranchise minorities in each tribal homeland.
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Reliving a Deadly Day at a U.N. Compound in Mogadishu (Tue, 12 Jun 2018)
A former United Nations security officer reflects on the courage his Somali colleagues showed after the attack that killed their co-workers in Mogadishu five years ago.
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In Somalia, Shabab Attacks Leave Ugandan Peacekeepers Dead (Sun, 01 Apr 2018)
The Islamist militants claimed to have killed 59 Ugandans, but they are known to exaggerate. A peacekeeping spokesman put the death toll at four.
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Most of Africa’s Leaders Sign On to Continent-Wide Free Trade Pact (Wed, 21 Mar 2018)
More than 40 countries agreed to a plan leaders hope will create jobs, boost trade and diversify economies across the continent. But among the holdouts were two of Africa’s biggest economies.
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From Jokes to Near Tears, Tillerson’s Final Brush With Diplomacy (Wed, 14 Mar 2018)
Returning to Washington after a week of urging détente across Africa, Mr. Tillerson was fired in a decidedly undiplomatic presidential tweet.
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Tillerson, in Africa, Dodges Questions on Vulgarity and Trolling (Thu, 08 Mar 2018)
The secretary of state is on a five-nation tour of Africa. He started in Ethiopia, a police state that is also home to the African Union’s headquarters.
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U.S. Imposes Arms Ban on South Sudan as Civil War Grinds On (Fri, 02 Feb 2018)
The ban has little practical effect, since the United States does not sell weapons to the country, but it was the first step in a broader effort to cut off weapons to the conflict.
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