Opinion - Middle East

What Price Profit in Saudi Arabia? (Wed, 24 Apr 2019)
The kingdom this week executed 37 “terrorists” after torture and sham trials. Corporations and governments should demand an end to the kingdom’s egregious violations of human rights.
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Care About Gaza? Blame Hamas (Mon, 22 Apr 2019)
The world wants to help. The terrorists won’t allow it.
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Ilhan Omar, Harbinger of Democratic Decline? (Thu, 18 Apr 2019)
With political power comes rhetorical responsibility.
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Benjamin Netanyahu and the Death of the Zionist Dream (Thu, 18 Apr 2019)
Israel’s founding fathers are turning in their graves.
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For Refugee Children, Reading Helps Heal Trauma (Wed, 17 Apr 2019)
Psychologists find that story time can build the strong relationships they need for healthy development.
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Arab Spring, the Sequel (Wed, 17 Apr 2019)
People power is contagious.
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Anti-Zionists Deserve Free Speech (Mon, 15 Apr 2019)
The Trump administration bars a critic of Israel from America.
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Mr. Netanyahu’s Next Test (Wed, 10 Apr 2019)
He ran an ugly, nationalist campaign. Can he be the leader of all of Israel?
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Israel’s Lesson for the Democrats in 2020 (Wed, 10 Apr 2019)
The election was a referendum on Netanyahu and he nailed it. His playbook will be Trump’s in 2020.
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Bibi Trump and Donald Netanyahu (Wed, 10 Apr 2019)
They both see the world’s problems as opportunities to cement their hold on power.
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