India Plans Big Detention Camps for Migrants. Muslims Are Afraid. (Sat, 17 Aug 2019)
Four million people in one state are at risk of being denied citizenship in a government campaign critics say is driven by a Hindu nationalist agenda.
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A.I. Is Learning From Humans. Many Humans. (Fri, 16 Aug 2019)
Artificial intelligence is being taught by thousands of office workers around the world. It is not exactly futuristic work.
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India Says It Will Ease Restrictions in Kashmir (Fri, 16 Aug 2019)
After putting the region on lockdown for two weeks, the government said schools would reopen on Monday and phone service would be gradually restored.
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With Trump as President, the World Is Spiraling Into Chaos (Fri, 16 Aug 2019)
Trump torched America’s foreign policy infrastructure. The results are becoming clear.
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The Silence Is the Loudest Sound (Thu, 15 Aug 2019)
The Indian government has confined about seven million Kashmiris to their homes and imposed a complete communications blackout.
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India Shut Down Kashmir’s Internet Access. Now, ‘We Cannot Do Anything.’ (Wed, 14 Aug 2019)
Pharmacists can’t restock medicines; workers aren’t being paid. But the government still loves to block the internet for “peace and tranquillity.”
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Overlooked No More: Rani of Jhansi, India’s Warrior Queen Who Fought the British (Wed, 14 Aug 2019)
When the British tried to take control of the northern Indian town of Jhansi, Queen Laxmibai trained and led her own army, and was killed in battle.
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Inside the Crackdown in Kashmir (Wed, 14 Aug 2019)
In Kashmir, Indian security forces are stopping people from moving freely and a communications blackout has cut residents off from the outside world.
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Waning of American Power? Trump Struggles With an Asia in Crisis (Tue, 13 Aug 2019)
The Trump administration has taken a hands-off approach to conflicts — from Kashmir to Hong Kong to the rivalry between Japan and South Korea — as Asian officials escalate the battles.
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Pakistan’s Envoy Suggests Kashmir Crisis Could Affect Afghan Peace Talks (Mon, 12 Aug 2019)
The ambassador, Asad Majeed Khan, said Pakistan might have to redeploy troops from its border with Afghanistan to the Kashmir frontier instead.
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