BRICS-MENASA: About 30 countries make up this frontier markets block. When you look at these countries, the first question that comes to mind is, how can these developing countries, possibly effect any major shift? Let's look at the single most driving force; the Population. Almost 1/2 the worlds population by the year 2020 and 2/3 of the youth will be from these countries. That translates into a market, ripe for consumption. Yes, they are all not going to buy luxury goods, however they will effect change on how business is conducted.


The chart here compares the growth rate of BRICS-MENASA countries. Qatar had an astounding growth rate of about 30% YOY in 2010, having benefited from the astronomical gas prices and dropping down to 7% in 2014. Currently SriLanka, Egypt and Bahrain are inching to double digit growths in 2015. Srilanka is rebounding after years of internal conflict; it is a very beautiful island. Global companies can tap into such markets, if they are willing to accept slightly lower margins than they are used to, in exchange for volume business.


With tensions in the Middle East, interest in Emerging Markets such as China and India have intensified; not to forget the ever increasing middle class wealth in those countries. It is expected that those Middle classes are gearing up to be consummate consumers that will change the needs and dimensions of the trade relations.

BRICS: In the early Dot com years, investors were looking to expand their investments into BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China ). In the late 2010 and early 2011 South Africa was included; together they form the new BRICS. Along with BRICS there are other new entrants MENASA (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia); now known as the Emerging Frontier Markets.


It is predicted that by 2020, 20-25% of the youth population in the age of 15-26 years will be from this region of the globe. In the pure marketing sense, this means 2 Billion people will have the ability to move, shape and redefine the market place.

MENASA: Middle East, North Africa and South Asia form this dynamic group.It is predicted that by 2020, 20-25% of the youth population in the age of 15-26 years will be from this region of the globe. In the pure marketing sense, this means 2 Billion people will have the ability to move, shape and redefine the market place.


BRICS have an average growth rate of 7%, Middle East has an average growth rate of 5.12%, the rate is skewed due to Iraq just rebuilding. The top five countries in the Middle East average a growth rate of 8.2%. North Africa on the other hand is aroung 4.3%. and then we have South Asia averaging around 7.7%. In comparison USA is around 1-2%, economists are really happy if US get a 2% growth. With the increase in consumption in the emerging markets it is natural for those that are looking to increase their bottom line to look to these markets.

United States of America: 50 States make up the USA. Which is the largest one?, Which one revolutionised the Oil production? Which one is also called the 5th Largest economy in the world? Which one is the home to the most active Volcano? Which one was the last to join the US? You will find the answers, if you search the internet.  


However if you are wondering what is BRICS-MENASA?  Come back to this site to know more about it. During the next few months this site will feature businesses that are unique and different from the rest of the field.

What would it take to tap in to the above markets?

You will have to first figure the following:

Sustainability – Can you maintain the quality and availability of your product?

Scalability – Can sell enough to make a profit? Pricing is different in countries, how well can you hedge on the dollar fluctuations?.You may need to shift your thinking from high margins to larger volumes in order to reach your desired profit numbers.

Security – How can you protect your product? (IT infrastructure, pirating, etc.)

Safety – What approvals, licenses and guidelines must be met? Of course, personal safety too?

Travel – Live in the country for an extended period of time. Learn the language and embrace their culture. Understand every nuance of it.

Adapt – Fine tune you style and marketing approach. Be sensitive to their local values.

Need – Is your product something they want, use and can they afford?

Effect & Affect – What is the long-term impact? Benefits or pitfalls

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